Victoria POV - Poses For V6 And M6
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    Xameva proudly presents "Victoria POV: Poses, Cameras, and More - V6 Version". Everything you need to create your own homemade porn! Victoria is shy and inexperienced, so you'll need to take it slow. Starting with sensual caresses to make her more comfortable, and then before you know it she'll be taking control and teasing you! These poses have a natural progression of action as they tell a story, giving you an endless amount of possibilities.

  This intimate collection of poses were designed to look perfect from the POV (point of view) of the video camera/the person holding the camera and also look just as good from all angles!

 This is the Ultimate POV package, including:
  • 14 sets of dynamic poses for Victoria 6 and Michael 6 (28 poses total)
  • A poseable video camcorder prop with DAZ iRay and Poser materials
  • A variety of matching poses for the camcorder (14 poses total)
  • Matching POV Camera poses that automatically change the camera to the perfect view
  • Matching genitals poses for M6 Gens from DAZ (11 poses total)
  • Separate smart propped versions of the camcorder for V7 and M7 which also pose their arms/hands automatically
  • Utility poses to make your character's hands, head, and the camcorder invisible/visible, for easier POV rendering (8 poses total)
  • A DSON Poser .zip file is included for Poser 9+ users!

This product wouldn't be possible without the help of some amazing, generous, talented people.

In no particular order, a special thank you to:

Luv Lee

  Important notes:
  • The poses were created using the V6 body morph and M6 body morph. Some minor adjustments may be needed for other body morphs.
  • Props, Hair, Textures, and Characters not included.


Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserPoser 9+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 2Genesis 2 Female
  Genesis 2 Male

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Victoria POV - Poses For V6 And M6

SKU: 55229
By: XamevaZazzy

Create homemade style porn for your own characters! This is the ultimate POV package including 14 sets of sensual poses, a detailed camera prop, close-up camera poses, and so much more! V6/M6 Version.


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