DrTaJ's Magda Zine for V3


DrTaJ presents: Magda Zine character for Poser

Magda Zine the girl from the Magazine! Attention to detail has always been the byword of DrTaJ Products...so has beer, beer, beer, more beer and erm...more beer...anyway attention to detail is ONE of the byewords of DrTaJ Products and Attention is what Magda craves. Created from the very best of resources and images from DrTaJ's own studio Magda's beautiful figure and features crave YOUR attention! Requires DAZ's Vicki 3.

Character includes
Head INJ
Head REM
Body INJ
Body REM
Magda Body Map
Magda Body Bump
Seperate left and Right Eye Maps
Magda Head Map
Magda Head Bump Map
Eyelash Transmap
Magda Teeth and Gums Map
MAT Pose files for Basic MAT application AND
MAT Pose files for Specular MAT application

Readme may contain additional info. Please see vendor's documentation after download for any additional information.

computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description:Magda Zine By DrTaJ Like all DrTaJ characters...She's Beautiful!

Thank you for buying this product from my store.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 5+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Victoria 3

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(V3 Morph Pack)

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
V3 Morph Pack (http://www.daz3d.com/victoria-3-0-head-body-morphs)

DrTaJ's Magda Zine for V3

SKU: SKU2241
By: DrTaJ

DrTaJ's Magda Zine for V3


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