ADP's Unique Face Morphs for V3 Head


ADP presents : Unique Faces

Merchant Resource, unique custom morphs for V3 head. Textures for P5/P6 included; packed for P5/P6, morphs are usable with P4. :

This package is created with P5, tested with P6, and can be used with P4 also.

You may use anything contained in this package (morphs and textures, modified or as is)
to create products, as long as your product is not a resource or something usable
as such. That means: You may include parts or anything of this package in your product
if your product is made to create artistic pictures, not products.

The head of the figure contains 35 new unique headmorphs. This morphs are developed
to shape faces for V3. The standard DAZ-morphs are not required, but can be
loaded on top (makes sense if you need face-expressions).

An additional eye prop is also contained in the characterfile (CR2) to get
better reflections.

These files are included:

37221621 20/06/2005 12:12 runtime\\libraries\\character\\adp\\uniquefaces\\merchant-char.cr2
19556 20/06/2005 12:12 runtime\\libraries\\character\\adp\\uniquefaces\\merchant-char.png
51555 20/06/2005 12:12 runtime\\geometries\\adp\\uniquefaces\\lefteye1.obj
52179 20/06/2005 12:12 runtime\\geometries\\adp\\uniquefaces\\righteye1.obj
400338 20/06/2005 11:11 runtime\\textures\\adp\\uniquefaces\\refl-003.jpg
2024454 20/06/2005 12:12 runtime\\textures\\adp\\uniquefaces\\ubbiii.jpg
778402 20/06/2005 11:11 runtime\\textures\\adp\\uniquefaces\\ubbiii-bump.jpg
450803 20/06/2005 11:11 runtime\\textures\\adp\\uniquefaces\\ubbiii-hl.jpg
73030 20/06/2005 12:12 runtime\\textures\\adp\\uniquefaces\\ubbiii-displ.jpg
92037 20/06/2005 11:11 runtime\\textures\\adp\\uniquefaces\\ubbiii-lashes.jpg
207334 20/06/2005 11:11 runtime\\textures\\adp\\uniquefaces\\ubbiii-teeth.jpg
58199 20/06/2005 11:11 runtime\\textures\\adp\\uniquefaces\\ubbiii-eye1a.jpg

Also contained in this Merchant Resource Kit is a Python script for P4PP/P5/P6
to create all needed slots to receive the standard DAZ morphs (located as
runtime\\python\\poserscripts\\ADP\\ Run this script from
within your Poser while the character HEAD-MRK is loaded and selected. If the script is
ready, you can load all DAZ morphs as usual (via DAZ posefiles).

Using with P5/P6
Simply unpack the ZIP package to your Poser runtime folder. In your characterfolder, you will find a folder called ADP. Open this folder, then open the folder named "uniquefaces".

Using with P4

Because P4 does not support directory trees (sub folders), you must unpack the content
of the ZIP package to your temp folder (or any folder you like). Copy the files
manually to the needed Poser folders.


Please note that you probably have to correct the position of the figures eyes for some
of the morphs!
If you are using the contained texture, please take in account that the displacementmap
moves the mesh a bit. As a result, the preview shows NOT exactly what you get after

P4 users: Poser may warn you if you load the character. This warning can be
ignored. Save the loaded figure to your character folder to avoid future warnings.

The photoset used to create the head texture is available as a seperate package.
Feel free to contact me via email:

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 5+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Victoria 3

ADP's Unique Face Morphs for V3 Head

SKU: SKU1632
By: ADP Designs

ADP's Unique Face Morphs for V3 Head


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