Shadomans Doublecross


Shadoman’s Double-Cross A CG illustrated comic dealing with sexual situations, bondage and some mild violence. Donnie Rizzo is about to take the most unusual journey of a lifetime as he takes desperate measures to escape the wrath of a local crime lord. Seeking the aid of his estranged sister, Donnie undergoes high tech body modifications to change his appearance... However Donnie was not quite prepared for the results. Countless plot twists will leave you guessing till almost the very end and then to add something quite different, the Shadoman tosses in an Alternate Ending. Yep that’s right, 1 story with 2 different endings in the massive mega comic spanning 147 pages produced from High quality TIF originals in PDF format. Rated X for Mature Adults Thank you for buying and supporting Shadoman Comics Having problems? Email me at place Shadoman Comics in the subject line for a faster reply.



Shadomans Doublecross

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By: shadoman

Shadoman’s Double-Cross Copyright 2011 is a 147 page PDF document to be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher... Once your document is downloaded, open the zip file to any directory of your choice. Then, either clicking the PDF icon or opening said document in Acrobat reader, sel


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