Ultimate Skin Moisture 2 PRO - CORE G8,8.1,9 F&M
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We were going to just call it USM 2.0, but with so much more to offer, 
Welcome to Ultimalte Skin Moisture 2 PRO!
CORE plus Soaking Wet Water pack!
For G8-8.1 AND 9, Female AND Male!
You read that right! USM 2 Pro shares maps across G8, G8.1 and G9, Male and Female! This new CORE set works with ALL 5 Figures! 
Almost any graft can be used now because Legs and Arms use a simpler set of maps that don't have UV cutouts. Therefore you can copy the leg material to any graft surface, adjust the horizontal/vertical tiling down until the drop sizes match, and you're ready to render! We even included tools and detailed instructions on how to get your favorite grafts working with USM 2 Pro! 
Combined with the ability to use runnerless, drop only shells stacked with your choice of 26 different decals, USM gives you more customization control than ever! Additionally, because the runners are on a separate decal layer, they always fall with gravity no matter the position or pose!
Ultimate Skin Moisture 2 Pro uses realistic maps and shaders to give you amazing wet effects! New 8k based maps mean the highest detail possible, and they've all been optimized to be light on your vram!
If you ever wanted to use USM with droplets only, you can now do so! Or stack a drop only shell with runner or messy gloss decals to customize how wet your figure appears! You can even stack decals to further customize your figures wetness!
The decal applicator can even be applied to other objects to apply wetness to them!
This is our BEST figure wetness system ever and we're just getting started!
This core set includes:
 - Ultimate Moisture Shells for:
Genesis 8 Female
Genesis 8 Male
Genesis 8.1 Female
Genesis 8.1 Male
Genesis 9 Female/Male
 - 18 completely new shell wetness presets!
 - Improved Larger Breast enhancement!
Standard Density (SD) versions have a slight increase in density for c-cup and smaller breasts and male pectorals. High Density (HD) presets can accomodate much larger breasts with minimal stretching! (Super huge breasts may still distort droplets, anything that would significantly distort your figures skin will distort USM droplets, however we gave a MUCH higher density to these new maps than before)
 - G8-8.1 Female presets are compatible with Breastacular, Golden Palace v2+, Lickalicious and Fender Blender by default.
 - G8-8.1 Male presets are compatible with Dicktator, MLickalicious and Dicktator by default.
 - G9 presets are compatible with Breastacular by default at the time of release, and we will be updating later to add Futa/Dicktator, Golden Palace and Fender Blender once those are available!
If you don't want to wait for an update, or you want to use USM 2 Pro with other grafts, we've made it as simple as possible! Legs and Arms use a universal material and maps that can simply be copied and pasted to whatever graft you want to use, then simply adjust the horizontal/vertical tiling down until the droplet sizes match! We even included a tool to help you fix "white" defualt textures and apply the base USM shader! We also included detailed instructions on how to copy/paste materials for novice users! 
Now you can use virtually any genital, tail, wings, almost anything that grafts onto your figure can be wet and match your figures skin wetness!
 - New Decal system with Decal Applicator Tool to make applying decals quick and easy!
Decal based runners means you can move the runners around and position them just right, and they always follow gravity making them look more natural!
 - 26 different decals of runners!
Short runners, long runners, short/long mixes, messy gloss and mixed runner/messy glosses! You can even stack decals to make some areas more wet than others!
We're already working on a map pack expansion for water torso fades,, new drop patterns, baby oil with lots of decal based blobs and smears, sweat with small decals for dramatic drops, "biological" wetness and MUCH MORE!
Other notable improvements:
Standalone product- USM 2 Pro does not require USM 1.2 kits.
New maps- All maps have been built from the ground up to give the best visuals possible.
Improved torso maps- G8-8.1 now has a higher density around the neck/head to keep droplet sizes consistent
8k maps with higher compression- Droplets appear sharp and realistic even closer, and multiple skin gloss levels keep the figure shiny further away, all while keeping vram usage low
More variety of drop sizes- from fine droplets, to large sparse drops, you can get the wetness looking just the way you want (more droplet maps coming soon!)
All full body decals fade out at the top so you can move the applicator down and make your figure wetter closer to the ground or water surface!
Special Notes-
This product is IRAY ONLY, and may not be visible unless previewing in iRay mode or rendering in iRay.
Extreme Bends or Morphs can distort droplets. Anything that would distort your figures skin materials will distort USM shell droplets.
Graft shells may require user adjustment in the Surfaces and/or Parameters tab.
Included Displacement Copy Script will require user adjustment in the Surfaces Tab if figure is using grafts. The script can be used with G9 but is not currently "officially" supported, Meipe will be making an update for the script to work with G9 and it will be included in a free update in the future.
Detailed instructions included in the Documents Folder.
G9 currently supports G9 Breastacular by default on the material applications, however the tools do not support G9 Breastacular at this time. This will be addressed in a future update once Golden Palace, Futalicious/Dicktator and Fender Blender are released. Until then, this can be easily fixed by copying the body materials to the Breastacular materials when you make changes to the shell using the toolkit.
There are detailed tips and fixes included in the documents folder. If those don't answer your question, please visit the Thunder-3D support forum at Renderotica.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8.1Genesis 8.1 Female
  Genesis 8.1 Male
 Genesis 8Genesis 8 Female
  Genesis 8 Male
 Genesis 9Genesis 9 Female
  Genesis 9 Male

Ultimate Skin Moisture 2 PRO - CORE G8,8.1,9 F&M

SKU: 66868
By: Thunder-3D

Get ready for wet n wild fun with ALL your favorite figures in one Core pack!


25% off until 7/21/2024


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