Babazon Hive Chapter Two - Re-fur-bushed


Centuries ago an all female race who called themselves the Babazons (pronounced Bah-bah-zons) began to spread amongst the stars. They met with unrivaled success until they met the Orcs, who immediately declared war on the Babazons. The Babazons fought back and quickly began to dominate the Orcs with superior technology, training and strategy.
Now ten years into the war things are about to change.
Note: Babazon Hive was my first comic. Released for free in 2014 it was an ambitious project for a first timer, and it had many mistakes. Now with several comics released, I feel my skill set has improved, so I set out to re-work the Babazons.
Now enjoy this old release with improved resolution, brightened scenes, improved editing, just bigger, better, babazon-ier.
No new renders were done for this re-work, I have however put all source pictures through photoshop (something I was not able to do for the original) to brighten and fix some issues, plus I am using a better comic creation software. Finally, my writing is much improved, the editing is also much better. Not to say it will be perfect (I am doing this myself after all) but it should be far better than the original. There are also some small changes to the story, none of which should detract from the narrative, or even be too noticeable hopefully.
Watch for the Chapter Three coming soon.

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Babazon Hive Chapter Two - Re-fur-bushed

SKU: 59623
By: sumigo

The exciting second chapter in the Babazon Hive series. Re-worked, and re-written.


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