I Dream Caribbean Cay - Anatopalia
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A Little Background...
“Anatopalia” is a word which is derived from “anatopism”, or something which is out of place. It is the location equivalent of “anachronism”, or something which is out of its own time. My reason for choosing this name is the design of the bungalow, which it occurred to me late in development was reminiscent of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Not that I compare the quality, but the general style is similar albeit vastly simplified.
I did not set out to do this. The look simply crept into the design probably due to my admiration for Wright's work, in particular “Falling Water” in Pennsylvania. I imagine that if Wright had ever designed a Caribbean bungalow it might look similar to this. However, his work was confined to North America, mostly in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan although examples exist in many other states (and one in Canada). Therefore, I struck upon the concept of the building being somewhat out of place, and the rest you can put together on your own.
The island is actually three islands, a main one and two smaller islands which together enclose a small lagoon.  I have gone to lengths to create an environment which is flexible and imaginative, but without overdoing any given style.  Think of Anatopalia as a canvas for you to build and paint your scene.

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I Dream Caribbean Cay - Anatopalia

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Anatopalia II is here.


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