GND Anastasia S-TopZZ 1
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Product Description:
  • 1 conforming figure cr2 / obj / pmd
  • 1 prop pp2 / obj / pmd

Material options:
  • 3 materials mt5 for border
  • 9 materials mt5 for cloth
  • 8 materials mt5 for prop
  • 21 ready to go styles mc6
  • 2 Reflectionmaps
  • 2 seamless Bump pattern
  • 3 Col and 3 Bump Maps


ADJ Chest ADJ ChestB ADJ Torso Anastasia Lats Left Anastasia Lats Right Babydoll Back Up Front Up L Side Up Lats Left Lats R Long R Side Up Undress BH Anastasia BH BreastSize BH PushUpBra BH Shae BH Shae BreastFWD Bh Shae PushUpBra BellyThickness BreastDiameter BreastSmall BreastsDroop BreastsImplants BreastsLarge BreastsNatural BreastsPerk FBMPearFigure FBMRubenesque

Jewelry :
Fits Shae Swing Fits Anastasia



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 9+

Figure Compatibility

Other Notes
Daz Figures(GND Anastasia)

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(Alyson 2)

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GND Anastasia S-TopZZ 1

SKU: 54406
By: RedLightZZ

Lovely Top for Anastasia by Blackhearted. Will work with Shae by him too and Alyson2 Base. Several material and many Morphs for movement. Enjoy !


30% off until 12/2/2018

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