GND Anastasia Clubwear ArmyDanZZ
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You need:
Poser 9 , PoserPro 2012,
Anastasia by Blackhearted

You will get :
  • 1 conforming Romper cr2 / obj
  • 1 pair of conforming LegWraps cr2 / obj
  • 2 money props pp2 / obj
  • 3 styles for every cloth mc6 files
  • 1 texture for money


This is only for Anastasia. Her BreastSize and PushupBra Morphs are supported. You can use these morphs also for adjustment like always.

This will NOT work with the default Alyson2 or her morphs.

Thanks for your interest.
Happy Rendering

Download MakeUp



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 9+

Figure Compatibility

Other Notes
(Anastasia by Blackhearted)

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