GND Anastasia Clubwear BareFootDanZZ
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You will get :
  • 1 conforming dress cr2 / obj with skirt handles
  • 1 pair of conforming Earrings cr2 / obj
  • 1 pair of conforming Armcollars cr2 / obj
  • 1 pair of conforming Legcollars cr2 / obj
  • 1 conforming Necklace cr2 / obj 8

Poser materials mt5 for metal pieces
  • 6 styles for the dress as mc6 and pz2
  • 1 style for the dress where the diffuse node is can add your own color / colormap
  • 11 MATposefiles pz2 saved to add fast the metal shader to the earrings
  • 12 MATposefiles pz2 saved to add fast the metal shader to the jewelry

List of Morphs in Dress:

GNDA_BreastSize GNDA_JCMlShldr GNDA_JCMrShldr GNDA_PushUpBra ADJ Breast Bulk Less Folds Sit Helper Skirt Wider SkirtUp

This is only for Anastasia.
Her BreastSize and PushupBra Morphs are supported.You can use these morphs also for adjustment like always.

This will NOT work with the default Alyson2 or her morphs.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 9+

Figure Compatibility

Other Notes
(Alyson 2)

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GND Anastasia Clubwear BareFootDanZZ

SKU: 54403
By: RedLightZZ

Sexy Dress for Anastasia by Blackhearted. Conforming Dress with Jewelry and several textures. Enjoy !


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