Ouvert Top For Pauline Plus
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You will get a sexy Ouvert Top for Pauline Plus.
Many morphs for Movement and Adjustment are in.
I´m sure you will have a lot of fun !
1 conforming  Top ( *.cr2, obj )
Movement / Adjustment morphs / FBM´s 
See list below .
  • 8 material presets for the Base
  • 6 material presets for the border  
  • 1 template
  • 1 normal map
  • 1 bump map
  • 2 pattern
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Pauline - Figure included in Poser 11
Poser 11 +
Pauline Plus by Darkseal
Will not work in Daz Studio



Application Compatibility

PoserOther(Poser 11)
Other Notes
(Does Not Work In Daz Studio)

Figure Compatibility

SM FiguresPauline

Required Products

Pauline PLUS
20% off

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Ouvert Top For Pauline Plus

SKU: 52386
By: RedLightZZ

A kinky morphing Top for Pauline Plus by Darkseal. Many Morphs in for adjustment and movement. Materials that will work in Superfly and Firefly. Enjoy !


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