A Gen for Dusk, Masturbator, Poses And Iray Material Set
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A Gen for Dusk provides a match of a common male genital prop (M4 Genital) to the Hivewire3D Dusk
character as well material presets to match the genital to both the original 3Delight Dusk textures and
the included Iray optimized Dusk texture. The set provides Iray optimization utilizing Dusk’s original textures (not included) including 4 eyes colors. All new textures for the Brief (included with the Dusk character) are contained in the set in 9 colors with alternative sexy mesh and 2 metallic styles providing a total of 20 combinations. 11 Sexual poses, 8 poses in briefs and 6 with masturbator are provided in single presets posing both character and genital in one step. Original props male masturbator in 5 colors, posing box and floor top off the package.

System and Product Requirements:

- PC compatible
- Not tested on Mac
- Daz Studio 4.8+
- Hivewire3d Dusk #10680 (includes Briefs)
- Daz3d Michael 4 Genitalia 7878 2, 4 dpc (Included in Michael 4 Pro Bundle)

Product Summary:

27 - Iray Material Presets for Dusk, M4 Gen, Masturbator, Posing Floor and Box
13 - 3Delight Material Presets for Dusk, M4 Gen, Masturbator, Posing Floor and Box
25 - Pose Presets for Dusk and Gen
4 - Presets to load the M4 gen matched to the Dusk Character
3 - Prop Presets to load Masturbator, Posing Floor and Box.
1 - Presets to load Dusk Briefs

This product in no way in full or in part redistributes models or textures by Hivewire3d or Daz3d.
Their products are required in order for this product to function in any way.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Supported

Figure Compatibility

Other FiguresDusk

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A Gen for Dusk, Masturbator, Poses And Iray Material Set

SKU: 54506
By: Freeone

A Genital for Dusk is an Iray materials, pose and props presets package for the Hivewire3d original Dusk Character and the Daz3d M4 Genital.


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