LoneWolfPros'  The Art of Kissing


This strange, warm feeling? Maybe this Set can help you to create this feeling. There are 14 fine crafted couple Poses for V4 and M3 to give your Renders this special "loving" look. Take a look at the Promo pictures and you'll know what I mean. So what's included in this Set... 14 couple Poses ( 14 for Victoria 4 and 14 for Michael 3) 14 Expressions for Michael 3 14 Expressions for Victoria 4 14 Light Settings 42 Camera Settings ( 3 Camera Settings for each Pose) All Renders were done with the included Poses, Lights, Camera Settings and Expressions. Please see Readme for more Information NOTE: This Set was tested on Poser 6 and 7 (NOT tested on MAC) Cloth, Hair, V4, M3, Textures are NOT included

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 6+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Michael 3
 Generation 4Victoria 4

LoneWolfPros' The Art of Kissing

SKU: SKU30164
By: LoneWolfPro

"Love is in the air..." Hey, do you think you need more love... more Romantic in your artwork?


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