Davo's Dungeon Set 10 "Severance Package"
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- PC and Mac compatible
- Poser 5+ compatible
- Not supported for DazStudio.  Should work in DS with minor texture adjustments, but not supported.
- Hand Saw Gallow: An adjustable gallow to hang your characters spread eagle, upside down as you use a two-man saw to saw them in half.  Pose files for V4 and M4.
- Hand Saw: A two-man hand saw with a progressive pose set for 2 headsmen. Poses are for V4 and M4.  There is a blood spatter smart prop you can add to the saw.
- Mallet Chopper: This is a new slant on the guillotine, only you use a large wood mallet to drive the blade down onto the characters neck.  Progressive poses for V4 and M4 are included plus smart prop blood spatters.
- Mallet: A large wooden mallet to whack things with.  Pose files included.
- Multi Base: A restraining post with posable cuff mounts and restraining chains.  Also has a wood frame to attach the add-on Pendulum and Chopper blades.  Restraining and matching base poses for M4 and V4.
- Multi Chopper: A guillotine style blade and "breast" planks to hold V4's breasts in place while the blade comes down and chops them off.  I know, gruesome, but popular. There is an add-on penis plank for M4 that holds his penis in place as it is chopped off.  Pose files for V4 and M4 provided as well as blood spatter smart props.
- Multi Pendulum: A pendulum style blade that takes it's time descending as it moves closer to V4's breasts or M4's penis.  Blood spatter smart props included.
- Multi M4 Penis Plank: A stock or plank with a hole to hold M4's penis out for the blades.  Pose files included plus smart prop blood spatter prop.
- Saw Sled: A large frame that holds a huge stone fly-wheel with circular saw blade.  It slides along a mounted rail and had a handle to push it along the Saw Table.  Pose files for pushing and winding up the fly-wheel are provided for V4 and M4.  There is a blood spatter smart prop for the saw blade.
- Saw Table: A restraining table with a lengthwise and side-to-side slot for the Saw Blade to travel along.  Pose files for V4 and M4.
- Blood Spatter smart props plus some additional blood drips and spatter patterns.  These are transmapped textures applied to a flat surface prop.  They can be mixed and matched, rescaled, rotated and placed anywhere.
- Smart Prop Cuffs for the neck, wrists and ankles for V3, V4, M3 and M4.
- Detailed readme file.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 5+
Other Notes
Daz Studio(Should work with adjustments)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Michael 3
  Victoria 3
 Generation 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4

Davo's Dungeon Set 10 "Severance Package"

SKU: SKU29569
By: Davo

The new Dungeon Set 10 "Severance Package" features some new and gruesome devices that are sure to be a "cut" above the rest.  The classic "pendulum" and guillotine features are accented by some gnarly blood spatter props and wait until you see the medieval "circular saw", it'


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