stimuli's Catcrawl BJ


At 2000 frames and over 1 minute long this is the longest and most detailed BJ animation I have yet created for Renderotica and you can have it on your figures! Includes poses for V4.2, M3 and Satanica's Real Gens and includes an animated camera. These poses have also been optimized for import into Daz Studio and Carrara. Check my animation gallery here at Renderotica to see a sample of this pose set in action. Here kitty kitty!



Application Compatibility

Daz Studio(version not specified)
PoserPoser 4+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Michael 3
 Generation 4Victoria 4

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(Satanica's Real Gens)

Required Products

Satanica Inc's Real M3 Gens

stimuli's Catcrawl BJ

SKU: SKU28766
By: Stimuli

Like a cat looking for some cream, Victoria crawls up to Michael's penis and takes him into her mouth...


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