Stepmother's Seduction - Foot Fetish
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 The seductive, fiery-haired Stepmother is back, and she's not satisfied. She's still thirsty, and her little stepdaughter's boyfriend is about to become the luckiest guy in the world.

 Stepmother has much to teach her young kitten. She must learn that every part of her body is intended for pleasure, especially her creamy soft thighs and sexy little feet. Let the lesson begin.

  Xameva proudly presents the second chapter of "Stepmother's Seduction". Included are poses that are in the realm of foot fetish. I've tried to include something for everyone, including footjobs, tickling, lesbian feet licking, and much more. Even if you don't have a foot fetish, a lot of these poses are great for general use too. Be sure to check out the preview pictures!

 Included in this product:
  • 9 Couples and threesome poses for V4/M4
  • 4 Solo poses for V4
  • 28 Poses total
  • 2 Bonus licking expressions
  • M3 Poses included

   The poses work perfectly in DAZ Studio!

 Note that the poses were created with the Stepmother V4 having enlarged MILF breasts. There is an injection morph pose included.

 All other character modification, custom channels, and all scaling channels have been removed from the poses so they will not ruin your custom characters.

Technical Notes:
  • Tested in Poser 7, Poser 8, DAZ Studio 3.
  • Due to some of the extreme and original poses and the limits of the DAZ figures, certain areas of the figure's mesh may look odd. This seems to be a regular occurrence with the leg and arm areas. This can be fixed by changing the angle of the camera to hide the area, or simple postwork..
  • Clothing, Hair, Textures, and Characters not included.
  • This product is intended for use in ADULT realistic or anime scenes. Under NO circumstances should it be used in scenes to depict child-like (under 18 in U.S.) figures. I do not condone nor support underage porn!



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 3+
PoserPoser 7+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Michael 3
 Generation 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4

Stepmother's Seduction - Foot Fetish

SKU: SKU29495
By: Xameva

Does a woman with slender, juicy legs and sexy little feet turn you on? Xameva's Sexy Legs and Feet pose pack would be perfect for you! Included are a collection of foot fetish poses for V4, M4, M3 in a combination of couples, threesome, and solo poses!


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