Make Her Scream - Rough Sex Poses
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 V4 has never been ravaged with such intensity. A powerful dominating partner thrusting into her with a force so intense that even his hand clamped over her mouth cannot silence her moans of ecstasy. She may never walk straight again.

 I proudly present to you a set of poses that push the limits. Every pose bursting with intensely twisted sex.

 Each pose was created with the goal of being as unique as possible. You won't find any symmetrical, assembly line type stuff here. You'll find highly detailed poses, with ruthless hands wrapped around V4's neck, digging into her mouth, restraining her hands, and much, much more.

 Still using M3? No worries.. each M4 pose has a M3 version that matches with V4 perfectly. You get an extra set of poses for free.

 As another bonus I've included four expressions for V4. They are named "Suffering", "Scream", "Forced Orgasm", and "Hopeless". You can see them at work in my promo images above.

You'll have everything you need to create your own dark fantasy. Don't be gentle.

Technical Notes:

Tested in Poser 7, Poser 8, DAZ Studio 2, DAZ Studio 3.

Several of the poses assume use of a prop (Furniture, a wall, etc.). Props are not included, but I recommend searching for free (or purchasable) beds and other furniture props. A dungeon setting would fit.. >:]

The two poses "Hostile" and "Domination" use two of V4's expression morphs to open her mouth to make room for M4/M3's fingers. The pose files have been text edited to not affect any other facial or body morphs.

Due to some of the extreme and original poses and the limits of the DAZ figures, certain areas of the figure's mesh may look odd. This seems to be a regular occurance with the leg and arm areas. This can be fixed by changing the angle of the camera to hide the area, or simple postwork.

Disclaimer: I do not condone nor support the act of coerced sex. These poses are for the purpose of creating 3D artwork that is purely fantasy.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 2+
PoserPoser 7+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Michael 3
 Generation 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4

Make Her Scream - Rough Sex Poses

SKU: SKU28885
By: Xameva

Give V4 the roughest, most intense pounding she's ever experienced. Thrust into her until she begs you to stop. 37 poses for V4 and M4 (with M3 versions) full of intense, dark sex.


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