MasterMind's Ruff Ride Animated Pose Set
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This is an animated pose set featuring two loops: One is doggystyle with Mike's hands covering Vicki's face, the other has Mike holding Vicki's hand behind her back while he bangs her from behind. Also featured is a transitional pose to get from the doggystyle position to the ground.

Mike thrusts at 16 frames per second (that's almost 2 merciless thrusts per second) for hard and fast humping action, with a bit of a Dom/Sub flavor.

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computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description: Animated pose set for Poser 4 or higher. Requires Michael 3 and Victoria 3 from Daz and the Real M3 Gens Super Combo Pack from

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Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 6+

MasterMind's Ruff Ride Animated Pose Set

SKU: SKU2182
By: MasterMind

MasterMind's Ruff Ride Animated Pose Set


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