CffMstr's Spanking Pillory


OSGV77 presents: Spanking Pillory for Poser

The pillory includes the following features....

- Fully poseable padlocks.
- Articulated foot locks, hand locks, and head lock.
- Telescoping electric prod.
- Working power switch.
- Adjustable pillory parts (foot locks and hand locks can be adjusted up and down).
- All parts have been assigned individual materials to allow customization.
- Bonus wooden paddle smart prop (with heart design).
- Bonus hand pose for the wooden paddle.
- The pillory also includes a basic pillory pose. NOTE: This pose is referential only, it is NOT paranted to the main pillory figure.

All the items have been tested successfully in Poser 5, using Daz's Victoria 3 character as reference.

Happy Rendering!

Note: Product Readme file may contain additional information. Please view the vendor's documentation after purchase.

computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description: cr2 Props set for Poser. To install simply unzip the main file to your poser 5 directory. The default directory for Poser 5 is "C:\\Program Files\\Curious Labs\\Poser 5", but that path may have changed if you specified a different path during instalation.
The main pillory figure will appear in the "OSGV77" directory in the main Character library, likewise the base pose will appear in the "OSGV77" directory in the main Pose library, the smart props paddle will appear in the "OSGV77" directory in the Props library, and finally the hand pose for the paddle will appear in the "OSGV77" directory of the Hands library.
This file requires Poser 5 or higher. It has been tested successfully in Poser 5. No other special conversions, steps, or files are needed in order to use these figures.
The figure pose and hand pose are intended to be used with Daz's Victoria 3 character. The main pillory figure was scaled and modelled after the V3 character, but it may be adjusted/scaled to accomodate other characters.

Thank you for buying this product from my store.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 5+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Victoria 3

CffMstr's Spanking Pillory

SKU: SKU1918
By: CffMstr

OSGV77's Spanking Pillory


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