Arduino's Cowboy


Arduino presents: COWBOY for Poser

With a fistful of dollars you can buy a splendid character package.
For a few dollars more in comparison to those that you have spent for other products, you can buy this package and valorize your Poser collection.

COWBOY is a classic western character, in your histories he can be the good, the bad and the ugly - you choose...

What you see in these images is included in the package...except the Daz's M3 figure and the landscapes...of course!

Note: Product Readme file may contain additional information. Please view the vendor's documentation after purchase.

computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description: Inj and textures/conformers set for Poser. Needed Files List and System Required: Daz Michael 3 - Poser program

Install your Cowboy:
1- Open Daz Michael 3
2- add the genital to Michael figure (if you want)
3- Click on the Michael body (any group) and click on the Injection
pose named "CowboyINJ" in the pose libraries"!Cowboy"
4- Click on the "MAT-Cowboy" (gen) pose
5- Click on the "MAT-CowboyGen" (hair genital) pose
6- add the hair (libraries Hair "ArduinoHair") and set the hair morph "Hat-Fit" to 1

You can change the head texture with the Head MAT poses
You can also add the BUMP MAT on the head
Warning! BUMP MAP work correctly only with Poser 4 Propack and Poser 5 or 6

Apply the clothing:
1- Remove the genital figure from Michael 3
2- Add and conform to Michael 3 each figure in the Figures libraries "Cowboy"
You can choose between the Poncho Open end the poncho normal (I suggest to use the Poncho open when the cowboy need to shoot).
3- Add the prop "CowboyHat" from the Props libraries "Cowboy"
4- Click on the Michael head and set the morph "Smoking" to 1
5- Add the prop CwCigar
6- Add the CwSpur-L and CwSpur-R
7- Click on the left shin of the pants figure and set the morph "Spur" to 1
do the same for the pants shin Right
8- Add the prop "ColtOnTheBelt"
Your cowboy is ready

Thank you for buying this product from my store.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Michael 3

Arduino's Cowboy

SKU: SKU1557
By: Arduino

Arduino's Cowboy


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