TaB DS G3 Core Pack v1.03e
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TaB (Twig and Berries) DAZ Studio G3 version, is a highly detailed male genital figure that can conform to DAZ's Genesis 3 male and female, and also Victoria 4 and Michael 4.

It comes in four texture versions, which includes support for M4G3M and G3M genital textures. There is also a unique texture version available (called EroUV - DefaultUV). 

So for example you can conform TaB to G3F using G2M's genital textures.

TaB comes in two packs. This Core Pack and the Expansion Pack. There will most likely be more addon packs available in the future. This Core Pack for people that are content with their own materials, and would rather create their own presets! If not, then the Expansion pack will contain a vast array of options based on the EroUV textures, and also pre-set materials based on popular Genesis texture sets (you will obviously be required to own those sets first).

I kindly invite you to check out the manual (it's got Project E featured in it!) for a better look at TaB.


 Core Pack includes the following:
  • TaB for G3 (with 4 UV options)
  • TaB for M4 an V4 (also with 4 UV options)
  • 29 applicable poses for M4 (G3 versions pending)
  • Fit poses for each supported figure
  • 16 preset poses (including zero poses)
  • 21 poses (including zero poses)
  • 26 poses (including zero poses)
  • 21 poses (including zero poses)
  • 10 detail poses (including zero poses)
  • 17 more miscellaneous poses (including zero poses)
  • cockring prop for M4, V4, G3M and F and a general poser version
  • Core materials for the Ero version for show, and as a basis for tinkerers to make their own sets.
  • The Expansion Pack has LOADS more!
  • The basic versions of 4 types of Ero textures.
  • Several masks that can be used for all four UV sets.
  • Helpful info jpegs.
  • Several transparencies per UV version

Here’s a list of Genesis 3 characters and morphs TaB will follow automatically.

Genesis 3 Male: Darius7, Gianni7, Kimo7, Lee7, Leo7, Lucian7, Michael7, Kenji7, Body Size, Body Builder Size, Emaciated, Fitness Size, Heavy, Height, Lithe, Portly, Stocky, Thin.
Genesis 3 Female: Arabella7, Bethany7, Eva7, Gia7, Kalea7, Karen7, Lilith7, MeiLin7, Monique7, Olympia7, Rune7, Victoria7, Body Size, Body Builder Size, Emaciated, Fitness Size, Heavy, Height, Pear Figure, Thin, Voluptuous.

(Genesis 2 version)
Genesis 2 Male: Darius6, Michael6, Androgynous, Body Size, Body Tone, Body Builder Details, Body Builder Size, Emaciated, Fitness Details, Fitness Size, Heavy, Height, Portly, Stocky, Thin, Hip Bone Size, Hip Size, Stomach Depth, Stomach Lower Depth, Stomach Soften, Waist Width.
Genesis 2 Female: Gia6, Lilith6, MeiLin6, Monique6, Olympia6, Stephanie6, Victoria6, Androgynous, Body Size, Body Builder Size, Emaciated, Fitness Size, Heavy, Height, Pear Figure, Thin, Voluptuous.

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.8
PoserNot Supported

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4
 Genesis 3Genesis 3 Female
  Genesis 3 Males

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 3 Female & Male (


TaB DS Expansion Pack v1.03e

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