Epoch-Art's Dark Rift Ep. 1 "Resurrection"
Epoch-Art's Dark Rift Ep. 1 "Resurrection" Epoch-Art's Dark Rift Ep. 1 "Resurrection" Epoch-Art's Dark Rift Ep. 1 "Resurrection"


Deep in the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, Kolur "Kole" Sigurddson lands on a remote frozen moon belonging to the gas giant Calashinna. A United Planetary Alliance abandoner, Kole has come to this hidden outpost to meet with old friend and brother-in-arms Samuel Talbish. His friend, a previous U.P.A. Commander, now is a powerful contraband dealer and has helped Kole acquire an item of exceptional illegality.

While reminiscing with his old C.O., Kole learns of the mysterious disappearance of U.P.A. spacecraft in what is known as the Dark Rift of the galaxy. Not interested in risking a chance encounter with the military force he abandoned, Kole sets out on a path leading him towards the constellation Centaurus, far from where most U.P.A. ships tread, but soon encounters a destroyed spacecraft that will change his destiny forever.

Art Dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels
  • 171 total pages comprised of over 520 individual page elements! (+ 10 alternate angle frames and 3 first-person perspective frames).
  • 3 bonus desktop wallpapers included (each wallpaper offers six different screen resolution options for monitors of all sizes).
  • Bonus character bios and 3D character turntables for 4 characters (grab and spin the character to see him/her from all angles).
  • 4 looping sex animations included in the comic. Watch the comic “come alive” as several frames become animated before your very eyes!
  • Full musical score and sound effects add immersion and depth to your experience!
  • The Epoch Art Dynamic Comic Viewer (included) is required to play this comic.

What is the Dynamic Comic Viewer?

The Epoch Art Dynamic Comic Viewer is a proprietary software application designed to revolutionize your comic viewing experience. No longer will your comics be the passive, lifeless 2D medium you've known. With the Dynamic Comic Viewer, you'll be able to experience erotic comics in a way never seen before!

Complete Features List:
  1. FREE with comic purchase (bundled in .zip)
  2. PC and Mac versions
  3. No need for installers; software just runs at the click of a button
  4. Loads your comic archive files and retains them in a library format, allowing you to quickly scroll through your purchased comics and select the one you want to view
  5. Synopsis of the comic loads with the comic, and includes a list of available images in the set (including number of alternates, x-rays, first-person views, animations)
  6. Different bonus features available for every comic, including but not limited to: desktop wallpapers (in many different sizes), character bios/vital statistics, and 3D character turntables
  7. Sound effects/ambience/score
  8. Every frame presented in HD: 1280×720 pixels
  9. Software window has full screen option
  10. Ability to purge unwanted comics, individually or all at once
  11. Images can be sized down from their native resolution to fit on smaller screens or a smaller window
  12. Sized down images can be shifted around on an X and Y axis by simply grabbing the image with a left click and moving it
  13. Frame advance/reverse works with buttons or mouse scroll wheel
  14. Quickly advance to any page of the comic by typing in the page number box
  15. Bookmark feature to save your page
  16. Handy toolbar at the bottom of the viewer to change your view or toggle special features such as animation, sound, fullscreen, etc.
  17. Toolbar is set to lock by default, but has an autohide feature
More development is being done on the DCV, so expect more features on the player in the future. Additionally, more DCV-enabled comics will be forthcoming from Epoch Art and Epoch Comics, so be sure to check our store regularly!



Epoch-Art's Dark Rift Ep. 1 "Resurrection"

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By: Epoch

A brand new erotic science fiction comic from Epoch-Art, featuring the technology of the Dynamic Comic Viewer. 171 pages of sexy girls, space ships, aliens, and hardcore fucking... with animations!


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