Erogenesis' The Route


THE ROUTE "The Route" is the third comic by Erogenesis. In the previous comics, you see how Lali started off behind a desk at surveillance, and then landed herself an opportunity at the Black Operations Department (Black Desk) at Fox Intelligence Services. FIS was set up in the 1970’s by Morgan Fox, ex-SAS and cold-war expert. Black Desk is run by an ex-NAVY SEAL Jim Savage.

In Basic Weaponshandling for Fantasy Artists Lali shows you how to weapons responsibly, and how to insert a big purple dildo effectively. In the Comic CODE 10 you see how she lands the job by “unwittingly” seducing Jim Savage when she tells him how she assassinates a dangerous Russian weapons smuggler according to her interpretation of the rules of a “CODE 10”. In “The Route” it is apparent that Morgan Fox is worried about Lali’s new involvement with the shadier side of FIS, Black Desk. The question is, is Morgan right to be worried? And is Jim a little too confident about Lali? In any case, you’ll see what Lali will be facing in the near future, and you get a little taste of how she'll be doing it........ ;) ________________________________________________________

The new Erogenesis Comic, yes the fucker is finally here! OK I am not going to apologize for taking so long for this one, and this is why: its LONG! 161 pages (166 actually, almost twice as long as CODE 10), larger pages (1746 x 1200), more elaborate story line, more fun, more sex, much more sex, even more sex... all despite insane power failures, malaria, and my main PC dying half way the comic.

Good news is I was forced to buy a new monster PC, an incredibly fast one, and you might notice this in the second half of the comic. I hope you'll have just as much (or more) fun reading this as I had in making it. There should be fun in it for everyone, also the ladies. It is a continuation of my theme of taking certain fantasies pertaining to babes with huge guns in the business of taking on our fellow brethren, of horrendous mutations thereof (or getting taken advantage of in the process). You want (half) naked babe with guns? This is what it might look like in reality, and it ain't always pretty as you saw in Code 10. But in this episode, the focus is more on who Lali is, what type of person does one need to be to do the work she wants to do, and the question is raised whether or not this job at Black Desk is right for her. I'm gonna let the comic speak for itself, and please, let me know what you think. When I am immersed in Lali's adventures, I might get a little too detached from reality, and I'd love to know whether the story comes across properly! I hope the comic inspires you to pin your lady down and give her the shagging of her lifetime... or if you're a lady, go all Lali on your man! Put your hair up into two ponytails and give him a rodeo session he'll never forget. Have fun! ________________________________________________________

LALI's BITS Besides being a vessel of fun, sex and erotic dreams, this comic is as usual a major showcase of the upcoming morph system called "Lali's Bits". I've decided to call it "Lali's Bits" instead of Erogenetic System because everyone seems to be calling it Lali's Bits. Now that this comic is done, next stop, Lali’s Bits! I hope I can get it in the store by Christmas... but eesh! I finished off ‘The Route’ while running the diesel generator for 6 hours. Our power supplier is failing to keep up with the demand and consequently we suffer from major power outages. I’ll do my best to get Lali’s Ass in the shop by Christmas. There's been some demand for her ponytails too, I'll try get them into the shop some time as well. That’s it for now. If you want to know how things are progressing, check my galleries regularly. I try to post at least one render every 3 days and I also post updates there too. Feel free to email me for anything, questions, commissions, suggestions. Please try not to ask for Lali herself, she is a comic character and for now it wouldn't make sense for me to release her while her story is not yet finished. When that will be, I have no clue, perhaps never. Lali is not a set of parameters that will just work, she is a character that you have to know to get it right. Lali in your runtime is different from the one in mine. Read the READ ME for more info about Erogenesis, Lali, the past and the future of these two. I also plan to make a simple PDF about some secrets to Lali's magic soon. Cheers Erogenesis!



Erogenesis' The Route

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By: Erogenesis

After over-determined intelligence operative Lali gets the break that she always wanted, her bosses gradually start getting confronted with who this crazy chick really is... and Lali learns a few new tricks.


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