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Adventures of Lali (part 1)


Thank you for purchasing this comic! This is Erogenesis' second production, and the first proper comic to kick off the series "Adventures of Lali". The first comic, "Basic Weapons handling for Fantasy Artists" was a small tongue-in-cheek comic about how NOT to wield your weapons like they do in some movies and comics. It was also an introduction to a model called Lali and the style of Erogenesis.

As promised, the comic is in a larger format than the first one (1436 x 987). The comic is similar in format to the first one with quite a few full page images. If I save up for a stronger PC I might be able to jack up the dimensions of the renders for future comics. Your support will be much appreciated and will help improve and speed up the production of future Erogenesis work.

Erogenesis (Africa, 2012)


Yes, gentlemen (and ladies), Lali is finally back. It took a while but both Lali and Erogenesis needed some sorting out. Hopefully the results have paid off and you become a very happy owner of the second Erogenesis comic.

My apologies that it took soooo long, I'm still new to this type of work. You will also find that there's another reason for taking so long, namely, the comic is longer and more elaborate than the first. I spend a good two weeks making the locations for the scenes before even loading characters into them. Then there was Lali, and the comic demanded sooo much of her as you will see. Future comics will demand even more. Trust me, this is just a simple beginning.


In the last comic you were introduced to Lali, her body, and Erogenesis. So Lali, the most unlikely intelligence agent, with the strangest combination of behaviour, career choice, and personal preferences, will now continue to share her stories with you about how she gets involved with the shadier side of her Agency. The question is, is it the right type of work for her?

Like I mentioned in the introduction of the previous comic, Lali is not entirely made-up... I've had the privilege of meeting a couple of extraordinary women that do not behave the way they look. In fact, some of them even gave some advice during the making of this comic. Yet again I make a point of this, Lali is an ode to these crazy ladies.


Now Lali makes differing impressions on people. Some love her natural looks, others don't. Some focus on her dynamics, others just love her character. Personally I am not particularly attracted to bombshells because in reality most of them are generally boring women that are obsessed with shopping and their mobile phones... but that's just my experience. I prefer ladies of substance, physically and mentally.

So for now, Lali is here to stay, although if you're patient, you will see that she will have to change as the story will demand it of her at times... and she won't be the only lady starring in future Erogenesis productions. Besides that, her body dynamics will eventually be made available for DAZ's Victoria 4 and then you can use Lali's qualities on your glittering desert-eagle dual-wielding bombshell :)


Laliiiii! Concerning her body dynamics, this comic, like the previous one, also serves as a showcase of Lali's rig, which was being perfected during the making of the comic. Like mentioned previously, these comics force me to put Lali's mesh through challenging positions and think of solutions on the spot. A quick morph can sometimes do the trick, but sometimes certain poses demand a whole new morph-rigging combination. I do this thing called counter-morphing, something I'm going to keep a secret for now, and it works very well! She still needs a lot of work, for example, I haven't yet explored her anal capabilities properly (next comic! next comic!), although I have to admit I'm not very much into anal. Her abdomen and legs still needs tweaking, amongst others. I don't know if you just want to settle for half a Lali, but I'd prefer to give you a very good product instead of a shabby one.

Now this is all just about Lali. I've done some work on the men but obviously they're not the centre of attention at the moment. That might come later. So all this work on Lali will eventually result in a V4 rig (Lali as a whole, and separate modules) that will be made available in the store. I don't dare to say when, because I do still have other responsibilities, but obviously I hope it will be soon.

Before we continue, I (Erogenesis, that is) would like to deeply thank Simon Templar for his valuable suggestions, Miro from Affect3D for his review and help, off course the great middleman and advisor, Andrew from Renderotica, and last but certainly not least: all those that bought my previous comic, all those that showed support and offered their assistance, and all those that commented on my gallery images. The response was quite stunning to say the least. I bow humbly to all of you. I hope you will enjoy this comic just as much, or even more than the previous one.

Erogenesis (Africa, 2012)


I use Poser Pro 2010, 2012. Photoshop CS4. ZBrush 3 (sometimes 4). 3D Studio MAX 9. UVMapper Pro. Notepad. And off course Winamp, to get me through all that shit!!! The Lali System is based on V4.

There's been an overwhelming demand for Lali and like said before, I will make her available eventually, but I want to make sure she's up to standard first. I'm discussing it with people experienced in the 3D Erotic scene about how, what, when and where. Don't forget Lali is my baby and I know what some people are going to poke into her as soon as they get their hands on her hahaha!

Her clothes are my first attempt at trying out my 'snugsuit' idea, It has very little issues with poke-throughs and conforms quite nicely around Lali. Although you can see there's plenty of room for improvement! Some of her other clothes are adapted from older Poser content. Most textures are self-made (including Lali's). The three male actors (Boris, Morgan and Jim) are all spawns of one base male character "Jim". Jim is based on James P6 and has his genital integrated into his mesh. Textures are either adapted from James P6 original or borrowed from Simon G2. Lali's colleagues James and Simon are the original two Poser characters. I did some minor changes to their textures and joint zones. I put them in the comic as a joke.

Most of the content is made by me (models and textures): weapons, buildings, books, office stuff, equipment, bathroom, furniture, Lali's hair, Lali's genital. I try to make most of the content myself to avoid any copyright issues. Other stuff I got off the internet as freebees: PC screens, the Laptops, parts of Lali's swivel chair, some of the hotel furniture.


  • Content is rated X and may only be viewed by Mature Adults.
  • 85 pages (incl Cover) of Comic art all in PDF format that can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher.
  • Resolution is 1436 x 987
  • All images generated by Poser Pro 2012 in PNG format; comic format done in Photoshop; all images were filtered with 'Lens Blur' and the Z values from Poser, and levelled in Photoshop; some images were blurred for effect; some images needed slight retouching in Photoshop with the stamp tool, but generally what you see came straight out of Poser.

Once your document is downloaded, open the zip file to any directory of your choice. Then, either clicking the PDF icon or through the"Open file" menu item in Acrobat reader, select your file for viewing.


This comic is for mature audience only and no one under the age of 18 or what passes as legal age in your country should have access to or read this document. Erogenesis is not responsible for minors obtaining access to this comic. This comic is copyrighted and cannot be posted in whole or in part without my express permission.

There are scenes of violence in this comic involving blood, bruising and open wounds. Not for the feint-hearted.


This comic shows fictional characters handling weapons and adhering to protocols that involve dangerous and potentially fatal behaviour and should under no circumstance be repeated in real life. Although much of the content is based on real life situations in high level Intelligence Operations, the artistic perspective of the comic will have limited the accuracy of these situations. All characters, protocols and organizations are fictional.


If you run into any problems, or have any comments, tips or suggestions, please email me at:


If you wish to review this comic, feel free to do so, but let me know! Same goes for promoting it, which I would be incredibly thankful for, but please still let me know what's happening!

When you buy this comic, it is yours and yours alone! Please under no circumstance reproduce any of my work anywhere without my express permission. I'm not an asshole when it comes to this, just ask me, but I am sure you understand that I reserve the right to have control over my work, where it goes, who copies it, etc... Plus, its damned hard work, and I need the returns to allow me to make more comics. OK? :)

Lali System Copyright 2012; Erogenesis Art Copyright 2012



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Lali tells us how she got hold of her new job... with all the naughty and graphic details!


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