Lynortis' Imperial Agent Sybilla


Imperial Agent Sybilla – The SM Club Governments and national states are a thing of the past. The world is ruled by companies and banks, united in a plutocratic system. Social status and power depends on income and shares a person holds. No income, no stocks, no rights. The Imperial Police works independently from banks and companies. A special section of the police, the Imperial Agents, deals with crimes that threaten the security of the Empire. Sybilla is one of those Agents, infamous for her short temper and brutality. When bodies were found near the sewers and a SM club is suspected Sybilla is annoyed that she has to work on such an trivial case. Soon she learns that there is much more behind this case than simple littering. 149 Page Comic, Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader For mature audience only



Lynortis' Imperial Agent Sybilla

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By: lynortis

Imperial Agent Sybilla – The SM Club


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