SamuelKhan's Perils & Predicaments No. 1


 In this inaugural episode, Kelly of G-Squad gets into a pickle with an old college rival, who is showing her a new house that ends up becoming the scene of a perilous adventure for the cute brunette. Kelly is tied and tape gagged, in addition to being stripped bare. The tables are about to turn on her captor as Lana discovers that the internet porn producer is actually a snuff killer. Can Kelly be rescued in time?

A good ol' fashioned made-for-tv bondage caper that isn't made-for-tv. Enjoy!  


Perils & Predicaments No.1 , "Real Estate Trouble".

46 pages, 128 Renders

This e-comic is in PDF form and can be viewed using Adobe Reader available at



SamuelKhan's Perils & Predicaments No. 1

SKU: SKU29833
By: SamuelKhan

Introducing PERILS & PREDICAMENTS, a series of adventures that feature my style of damsels in distress.


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