Easy Control For XY Female Genital
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Easy Control Add On for XXY by DB XXX
This product is a pose control and morph add on for DB XXX's XY Genesis 8 Female Genital.

Get even more out of this great genital figure!
We have added several new control dials and some custom morphs that enable you to get even more control over the genital when it comes to posing and shaping. Very useful if you need to adjust the genital while being used with different characters or poses. 
You can for instance make it erect or flaccid easily, adjust the size, thickness and length, make it curved, adjust the shape, foreskin morphs, adjust the scrotum, like make it asymmetric, pendulous smaller/bigger and much more! 
Bending controls for each bone and all bones combined are included as well. This enables you to pose the genital easier to match your used poses. All included controls / morphs are listed below. 
There are also "Quick Poses" (as dials and presets) included which you can use to easily get different poses for an erect, semi erect and flaccid genital. 
Adjust and fine tune the genital as you need it!
Genital (Penis and Scrotum):
- Genital + Scrotum Size
- Genital + Scrotum Bend
- Genital + Scrotum Side-By-Side
- Genital + Scrotum Twist
- Genital + Scrotum X POS ADJ
- Genital + Scrotum Y POS ADJ
- Genital + Scrotum Z POS ADJ
- Penis Flaccid / Erect
- Penis Base Volume
- Penis Base Y ADJ
- Penis Bend 1 (Bone 1)
- Penis Bend 2 (Bone 2)
- Penis Bend 3 (Bone 3)
- Penis Bend 4 (Bone 4 Head)
- Penis Bend Down ALL
- Penis Bend Up ALL
- Penis Crooked Down
- Penis Crooked Up
- Penis Curved
- Penis Head Length
- Penis Head Thickness ADJ
- Penis Head Volume
- Penis Length 
- Penis Mid Volume
- Penis Proportions Adjust
- Penis Root Size ADJ
- Penis Side-By-Side Bone 1
- Penis Side-By-Side Bone 2
- Penis Side-By-Side Bone 3
- Penis Side-By-Side Bone 4 (Head)
- Penis Side-By-Side
- Penis Size
- Penis Thickness
- Penis Twist
- Foreskin Back (addresses base control)
- Foreskin End Longer
- Foreskin End Closed
- Scrotum Backward / Forward
- Scrotum Asymmetry
- Scrotum L / R (addresses base control)
- Scrotum L Y Pos ADJ
- Scrotum R Y Pos ADJ
- Scrotum Pendulous
- Scrotum Shape ADJ 1
- Scrotum Shape ADJ 2
- Scrotum Shape ADJ 3
- Scrotum Size
- Scrotum Tight
- Scrotum Up
- Anus Open (addresses base control)
- Anus Closed (addresses base control)
Quick Poses: 
- Flaccid 1 - 3 
- Semi Erect 1 - 3
- Erect 1 - 3
Shape Presets:
- Quick Poses (Flaccid 1-3, Semi Erect 1-3, Erect 1-3)
- Foreskin Back A + B, Semi Back, Forward
- Foreskin Longer, More Closed
- Scrotum Asymmetry, Scrotum Regular 
- Reset Presets (ALL, Penis, Foreskin, Scrotum, Anus, Quick Poses)

- DAZ Studio 4.10 or later with Iray
This product has been tested in DAZ Studio 4.10 (PC & Mac). 
This product is for DAZ Studio only. Not tested in or recommended to be used with Poser. 


Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10+
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8Genesis 8 Female

Required Products


Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 8 Female (https://www.daz3d.com/genesis-8-starter-essentials)



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Easy Control For XY Female Genital

SKU: 60729
By: SF-Design

Control and Morph Add On for the XXY Genesis 8 Female Genital


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