Head Games #0
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Head Games will be an ongoing series exploring the dark fantasies of the author, that's me.  I have a very active, and naughty, imagination.  While many of the things I fantasize about I probably wouldn't want to happen in real life,
many others of them I do.  I will leave it up to you to figure out which ones.  I often fantasize about the most mundane of situations turning sexual, and they usually involve my wife, though there may be some that focus on myself or others.

This series will explore these fantasies and take you to gang bangs, group sex, infidelity, interracial, magical transformation, public sex, you name it, I have probably thought of it.
Head Games #0 is a promotional edition to higlight my current and future efforts on Rederotica.  This issue involves my wife Jaime and my sister Valerie having to make the best of a girl's night out where the rest of the girls just couldn't make it.  The ladies stay in for the evening and decide to enjoy the champagne, and then eventually each othert in a first time lesbian experience for my wife.

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By: DarkBreezly

My wife's plans for a "Girls Night Out" fall through so she and my sister decide to make the best of the evening and "get to know" each other a whole lot better.


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