Velna 3 Animation
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Velna’s given a dangerous assignment: Recover an ancient weapon in the ruins of a necropolis. Rumors speak of the sword being cursed. But what Velna didn’t count on was that “curse” taking the form of a giant monster…with matching cock to boot! Will she survive the ravishing that follows? And more importantly, will she catch her quarry?

Velna 3 is Amusteven’s debut animation, showing off high-quality monster sex at Full HD resolution and 60 frames per second!
The movie has tits fondling, tits fucking, oral, vagina and anal sex.




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Velna 3 Animation

SKU: 60428
By: Amusteven

Includes the animation Velna 3 in MP4 Format with a video resolution of 1920x1080 Runtime: 25 minutes


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