Backstreet Bang Core Package For P8+
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Davo's "Backstreet Bang" Core Pack for Poser 8+

Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama
System Requirements:

- PC and Mac compatible
- Requires Poser 8+  
- DazStudio version is available (sold separately) with material/surface zone adjustments and poses for the Genesis 3 figures
- All files in .obj, .cr2, .png and .jpg format.
- If using V4 poses, must have V4.2++ morphs
Figure Features:
Accessories Library-
- Fuck Machine 1: This fuck machine had two dildo heads to choose from, a retractable dildo shaft, a separate base that can be positioned and parented to another piece of equipment and an easypose hose that can be used to pose from the dildo housing back to the base. Each dildo head has some bending, size and shape morphs to play with. There is a pose file in the pose library that can be used to switch between which dildo head you'd like to use.  You can parent the base to the ground, another piece of equipment, wall, floor, etc.

- Head Handle: This is a cool handle bar device to add to your characters head so you have something to hold onto while you deepthroat! To use, parent the handle to your characters "head" and apply the default positioning pose in from the pose library. There are some size/shape adjustment morphs for fine tuning. The Head Spread Gag figure has a "connbar" that can be posed to fit into the Handles grip so
you can use the two as a combo.

- Head Spread Gag:  This is a cool mouth spreader gag that makes your character say "ahhh" in a whole new way. Kind of like a dental gag, but you haven't seen one of these before. You can never have enough gags in your library.

- Lifter: You're character might need a little lift off the ground to get that dick into your rides ass or mouth, the lifter can be used as a step stool to stand it. It has some size/shape morphs to play with and adjust.

- Neck Chain: You might want to add this neck chain device to tie your characters neck into position. This is an add-on figure, just put the base where you want it, position the neck hook and pose the easypose tube back into the base.

- Pay Station: The Pay Station can be added to your scene and placed near one of the rides or holder/mount restraints. This makes it appear you must pay first to enjoy your restrained "ride". There is an optional easypose cord hiding inside the base/stand of the station. You can use this easypose cord to "plug" into the base of one of the rides if you wish. There is a cord end you can position to pose the cord into. The lights on the pay station can be hidden from view if you desire. There are some ambient lit material zones on the lights and some buttons on the pay station, they will glow in a dimly lit scene.
Blowjob Holders Library-

(Note: Basic scifi Cuffs smart props may be needed in conjunction with some of poses for the restraints. Cuffs are provided in props library)

- Blowjob Holder 1: This unique holder restraint puts your favorite character into a cramped position in a box. Their head exposed and ready to give action. This holder also features a couple options to expose the breast/chest area as well. There is a set of repositionable handles to grip onto, adjustable height mounting post, a repositionable chest cover area or sliding door chest cover plates. There are some default poses in the pose library to let you chose which chest area option you'd like to use. If you use the open chest area, the torso and arm rims are respositionable and have size/shape morphs as well as the neck rim.  There is also an optional "big tits" morph preset for your v4 character,
if used, you will need the v4.2++ morphs.

- Blowjob Holder 2: This is another unique, tight crampled restraint device that only exposes your characters head. The box has an overall size morph if you need to make it a little larger or smaller. The mounting posts have a length and width morph.
Booth Library-

(Note: Basic scifi Cuffs smart props may be needed in conjunction with some of poses for the restraints. Cuffs are provided in props library)

- Booth 1: This is a cool display case style booth with some fancy lighting, a fully posable restraint armature, rear access door, repositionable top sign, morph adjustable top and bottom access windows and an optional full front window. You can use this booth to gloryhole/grope your characters or use as a display case. There is a default preset poses in the pose library to make the front of the display have a solid glass front or the gloryhole/grope windows option.  The booth, door, lights, windows/front glass have size/shape morphs for adjustments or reconfiguration.

The restraint stand is fully morph size/shape adjustable and posable. Pose files for V4 (G3F in the DS version) and matching pose files for the restraint are provided.

- Booth 1 Stand: This is a stand alone version of the restraint that comes in the Booth 1 figure. It is fully articulated and morph length adjustable for fine tuning. This stand is also used in conjunction with poses for the Booth 2 and 3 figures.

- Booth 2: This is another gloryhole/groping glass both that allows easy access to your favorite character. There are size/shape morphs to adjust the access holes and size/shape of the booth. The pose files use the Booth 1 Stand figure, so you will need to import that figure if you want to use the pose files for this set.

- Booth 3: A simple display booth to show of your character. This booth is size/shape morph adjustable. As with booth 2 figure, the pose file provided also used the booth 1 stand, so you will need to import it into your scene as well if you wish to.
Courtyard Library-

You can use all the restraints in this package as stand alones, but the Courtyard items make a pretty cool little place to show them all off and make it look fun!

- Courtyard: The courtyard figure has a "base" sphere located in the center, just below the floor 2 body part. This base can be used to move the entire couryard around. The front sidewalk, right and left front walls and entry sign move independantly of the rest of the floors/walls. Right and left front, middle and rear side walls are parented to separate floor parts, this allows you to widen/lengthen the couryard and add an additional wall/floor segment to make the couryard longer. All walls/floors and the entry sign have size/shape morphs. The lighting and sign have ambient lit material zones that will glow in a dimly lit scene. All elements can be moved out of view for good camera/rendering angles.  You can add the provided signs and lighting/arrows that are also in the library to your scene, just be sure to parent those figures to some part of the courtyard so they will move with the couryard.
The couryard entry sign is comprised of different parts that can be hidden/moved out of view if you want to change the sign around. The text can be moved out of view and you can create your own texture for the front part of the sign, add some ambient glow values and boom, customized to your taste!

- Courtyard Assembly: This is an assembled couryard with the lamp post, the shop entry and window, the kiosk and turnstile plus some signs already parented and assembled all in one set.  The nullbase of the courtyard will move this entire assembley around at once. If you have some other 3d models of cities or towns, you can position the courtyard between some buildings and give it a very cool "carnival sex shop" look and feel. Add some sleazy customers, some of the "rides" out front and get down to business!

- Courtyard Lamp: Simple overhanging lamp with some size/shape morphs and ambient lit material zones that will glow in a dimly lit scene. simply position it where you want and parent it to the body part you place it on.

- Courtyard Xtra Walls: This is a stand alone floor and right/left side walls. It has the same morphs as the courtyard figure walls. You can use this set of walls to extend the courtyard by moving one of the courtyard figures floors back and sliding this in it's place.

- Kiosk: This is a simple kiosk/ticket booth. It has a posable door and ambient lit lights and ambient lit sigh on front. You can change the texture map to reflect your own graphic for the sign. There is a morph to extend the roof to be longer and morph to hide the window.

- kiosk Turnstile: Simple turnstile figure with some size/shape morphs for adjustment. You can fit it and the kiosk exactly between the courtyards entry sign. Turnstile arms can turn.

- Shop Entry: This is a simple false front entry to an imaginary shop that you can pretend is behind the courtyard wall. The door is posable, there is a curtain inside that covers/hides the courtyard wall. There is a morph to make the shop front extend further out. There are some ambient lit signs that you can change the texture to your own tastes. You can also hide the signs. Ambient lit material zones on the lighing will glow in a dimly lit scene. You can place this Shop Entry figure against any wall you wish.
- Shop Window: This is a simple display window to show off some goods or some of your favorite characters that are up "for sale or use".  It has a curtain in the back that will hide the courtyard wall behind it. The shop window has size/shape morphs as does the curtain. The lights inside can be repositioned. The lighting on this figure is ambient lit and will glow in a dimly lit scene. You can place the window against any wall.

- Signs 1-5: These are some flashy signs you can place around the courtyard, on walls, next to the restraint devices, etc. There are amblient lit material zones that will glow in a dimly lit scene. In some cases, the signs have size/shape morphs for adjustment and some of the neon lighting or bulbs can be
hidden from view.

- Sign Arrows 1-2: These are more flashy signs you can put anywhere. Check out the morphs for adjustments. Most materials are ambient lit so they will glow in a dimly lit scene.
Mounts Library-

(Note: Basic scifi Cuffs smart props may be needed in conjunction with some of poses for the restraints. Cuffs are provided in props library)

(Note: Your characters poses will cause body parts to stick through the back of these restraints, that is normal, they are out of view if you place these on a wall or floor, some of the poses may also contain intersecting body parts, that is normal as they are inteneded to be out of view)

- Mount Holder 1: Reverse GloryHole is the name of the game here, you just get to walk up and start fucking what you see stickout of the wall! This wall mounted holder has size/shape morphs on the base, body seal, lights and spreader bar cuffs. Use the morphs for perfect fits.

- Mount Holder 2: Ever see a head on a wall and just want to fuck it? This wall mounted holder has an overall size morph adjustment to fit any characters neck. Stick it on a wall, hell, stick it on the floor for some interesting fun.
Rides Library-

(Note: Basic scifi Cuffs smart props may be needed in conjunction with some of poses for the restraints. Cuffs are provided in props library)

- Ride 1: Drop in a quarter and have the ride of your life! This restraint will bend your favorite character over in a very compromising and easily "accessible" pose. All parts of this figure are morph size/shape adjustable for fine tuning, it is also symmetrical mirroring for faster posing, just pose half the ride's cuffs and half your character and mirror each to the other side.

- Ride 2: Another fun looking ridey fucky restrant. This restraint will bend your character over for easy access. All parts of this figure and size/shape morph adjustable. The lights can be scaled out of view if they are in your way. The lights also have ambient lit materials so they will glow in a dimly lit scene. Pose files for V4 (G3F in the DS version) and matching pose files for the restraint are provided.

- Ride 3: Another restraint to keep your favorite characters in compromising positions. All parts of this figure have size/shape morph adjustments.
Props Libraries:

Basic Scifi Cuffs Library:
V4, M4 (G3F and G3M in the DS version)
These libraries contain smart prop cuffs to use in conjunction with the backstreet bang and other various Davo products.  These smart props will automatically position and parent to your characters wrists, ankles and neck. To apply the cuffs, click on your character in your preview window, then click to add each cuff, they will position automatically.
Pose Libraries:

Note: Poses will get your default v4 or genesis 3 female into position. If you have a heavily customized or morphed figure, you might have to do some adjustments. These poses will get you started.

Note: Some equipment and poses will require the Basic scifi Cuffs from the props library.

The pose libraries contain poses for V4 (and genesis 3 female in the DS version) and matching poses for some of the equipment in this package. Please note if the library has an informational image file in the library. All character poses require the character to be parented to a specific part on the restraining device so if you move the device to a new location, the charcter will pose in the correct location as well.
A more detailed readme file is included in the product zip file.



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 8+
Other Notes
(Daz Studio version sold separately)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4
Other Notes
(G3F supported files in Daz Studio Version)

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(V4.2++ figure, if used, is required from Daz3d)

Backstreet Bang Core Package For P8+

SKU: 60049
By: Davo

Backstreet Bang core package provides a fun carnival/sex arcade look and feel with amazing "fucky rides", gloryhole mounts, display cases, blowjob machines and much more!


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