Andaroos Chronicles - Chapter 14
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In a world ruled by young but tyrannical King Vanerys III, life is hard to endure, especially for women...

Ashley, Erja and her friend Iloreth are escaping the Askeljarr Labour Camp, trying to reach the coast. But in Andaroos, when a plan is progressing according to schedule, it may be suspicious...

Queen Kalorah is still playing with the present she wants to offer to King Vanerys: Sarah Danarios herself! But the nycarian girl is stronger than expected...


-Tied Sex Scene
-Slave Killing
-Poison Torture
-Long Whipping Scene
-Fight/Beating Scene
-Long Crux Scene. The longest ever!
-3M/1f Forced Sex Scene

This is a 1329 page comics, for Crux Girls lovers!

Number of Pages: 1329
Quality: HQ
Format: PDF
Required program: Adobe Acrobat reader, or any other similar program that reads PDF files.



Andaroos Chronicles - Chapter 14

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By: SkatingJesus

Two girls, two sisters, running for their lives, running for their homeland...


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