Babazon Hive Chapter Three
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After four long years, the wait is finally over!

Babazon Hive is the story of a race of beautiful women, who have been winning a ten years long war against the brutal Orcs, who are intent on turning every single Babazon into sex slaves.

This chapter finds Lady Talina and her companions captured by primitive natives, Countess Zamira trying desperately to not give away military secrets while in captivity and Varn the one good Orc entertaining his new guests.


Babazon Hive Chapter Three looks different than the first two chapters. Chapters one and two were rendered using the old 3delight render engine, while chapter three is rendered in Iray.

Some characters have been re-cast with newer models, I did this to take advantage of newer, better technology. Some props had to also be changed as they didn't render well in the new render engine.

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Babazon Hive Chapter Three

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By: sumigo

The wait is over! Finally, the exciting continuation of Babazon Hive.


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