Unsafe Magic3-Cure For Tthe Elf
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We all know, that magic can be dangerous, but sometimes it is a cure.
Brute, and Mathew are two elf brothers. Mathew always suffered from one condition, his tiny penis. He was ashamed to have sex with other girls. It is known, that the witch Elisse, is a specialist in increasing dicks and curing impotency with her magic.

But Elisse was not alone, her girlfriend Miri entertained her with the history about her fun time in the goblins' lair, and how it all ended.
The girls agreed to help the young elf. But, this ritual cannot be done without everyone being naked inside the house. Otherwise there might be unexpected complications!

The witches began with the ritual, and Miri shared with her magic powers to help Elisse.
The effect was incredible, and with it the amazing results! Miri offered Elisse to try out if the new dick is as good as it looks.
A very hot foursome happens, the elfs are overjoyed with the results and payed for the service.



Unsafe Magic3-Cure For Tthe Elf

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By: Nenet

We all know, that magic can be dangerous, but sometimes it is a cure.


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