Dani & Giselle's Sexy Squeeze Part 2
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Dani and Giselle are busy caressing each other when professora came
in with Prof Mike to evaluate their progress.
The girls stretch and adopt sexy poses for Professora and Prof Mike,
and soon Prof Mike is kissing Dani and she wants him naked.
Dani and Giselle take Prof Mike's clothes off, and he fucks first Dani,
and then Giselle while he licks Dani's wet pussy.
Eventually Prof Mike shoots his hot cum on Dand & Giselle's boobs.

Keywords: talk, nudity, posing, close-ups, blowjob, wet pussy,
bgg 3-way, cumshot

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Dani & Giselle's Sexy Squeeze Part 2

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By: b9Tooner

Dani & Giselle are visited by Professora and Prof Mike. Prof Mike examines the girls and fucks them both.


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