Road Whores


     Somewhere on a dry lake bed in the middle of nowhere, Mad Maxine is driving around searching for dickgirls tied to poles. What she finds and how she reacts may not exactly be what you expect. Bondage, hardcore anal, and a lusty psycho punk girl are all pieces that fit together in a lusty plot - a plot that will unfold and snap erect. Why would someone be tied to a pole in the middle of nowhere? Why indeed, but rest assured, it all cums together in someone's end. 
     This story was produced like a silent, fucktacular movie, told without the use of words. Flip through the images and enjoy.

This image series contains 193 pages in PDF format.
It’s compatible with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 and above.

File size: 113MB

Image resolution: 1920x1080



Road Whores

SKU: 59433
By: JS Bloodwine

A post apocalyptic story of Submission and Dominance. 193 pages in PDF format. 112MB file size.


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