Arta Issue 1 Comic And Gallery


There are 48 jpegs and 1 pdf in this package.
One 24 page PDF comic.
One 24 jpeg texted comic.  Jpeg resolution is 1920x1080.
A gallery of 24 jpegs based on the comic.
  - 8 1920x1080 wallpapers of individual panels
  - 8 uncropped jpegs (Full) showing the original image - bleed and all
  - 8 close-up jpegs (CU) providing a zoomed view of the characters and action. 



Arta Issue 1 Comic And Gallery

SKU: 59361
By: Vyxes

In Arta #1, Captain Aleko lands on a black site planet in search of salvage only to find a mysterious life form that hungers for her flesh.


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Nightmare Hall

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