Full Body Workout Extra Sweaty Edition
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 “Full Body Workout: Extra Sweaty Edition”
Story and Art by Redrobot3D & Barbie Lez
Developed by iLewd interactive.
Redrobot3D Interactive is proud to release the next generation of 3DX comics. “Full body Workout: Extra Sweaty Edition” is the first in a new line up of fully voice and interactive 3D based erotic comics. Featuring amazing voice acting from up and coming erotica voice actresses, and a new interactive style story format, Full Body Workout pushes forward into new territories of interactive based erotic entertainment.
Katrina is having a hard time joining a new gym. Working all day leaves her too tired at the end of the day. Walking home one day she spots a new all girls fitness center opening in her neighborhood and decides to take a look.
She learns from the sexy secretary that all new members receive a personal one on one training session with the awarding winning owner Sandra.  
Katrina quickly learns that Sandra, has a very unorthodox method of getting her clients in shape. Insisting that they work out in the nude, Katrina discovers that Sandra is ready to exercise every muscle in her body, including her ass and pussy!
The two women engage in a heated session of tonguing, fisting, licking, grinding, and fucking each other to multiple climaxes. This will be a workout that neither one of them will ever forget!
Full Body Workout: Extra Sweaty Edition” is first in an all new interactive and voice acted series from Redrobot3D. Developed in Unity to play on all Android phones, mobile devices, and desktop PCs.  The “Extra Sweat Edition” features over 20 new additional panels, improved and completely redone script with extra dirty and sensual dialogue, a clean user interface, easy page navigation, and improvements in visual storytelling.
This is the first step in creating an all new field of interactive comics and a preview of what is to come with Redrobot3D Interactive in 2018!
This App program comes in an APK format. It’s compatible with all Android devices.
File size: 450mbs
Image resolution: 1900x1500dpi (May depend on your Android Device and Player)
This App program comes in a ZIP file. Extract the file to any directory of your choice.
Once downloaded install to your mobile device.
This App program is copyrighted and cannot be copied in whole or in part without the permission from Redrobot3D.



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Full Body Workout Extra Sweaty Edition

SKU: 58537
By: Redrobot3D

This workout gets extra sweaty!


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