Ponygirls Part IV
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Ponygirls Part 4 is still set in a country mansion and huge estate set up as a training center to convert young women to pony girls. This episode has a lot of high-stepping training, Lesbian action, licentious behavior between step-sisters, intercourse, blowjobs, fucking machines, electric play and anal play.
This is a story commissioned and the story was written by Jake (Last name withheld). My intent is to use my interpretation of the whole ponygirl world to portray it using glamourous women in a way never before seen, yet still offering readers a rich and complex erotic adventure intended for a mature audience.
In this offering I've decided to also include the pictures - without text - for those of you who shamelessly buy Playboy just for the pictures...
Part Four is presented for you here is in a complete and unabridged 84-page High Definition Full Color PDF illustrated by me, with lots of extras! You don't want to miss this erotic masterpiece!
[Part IV- no text will be a separate PDF within the zip file.]
Number of images: 127 + (84 no text images)
Quality: 1920x1080
Format: PDF
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar program to view comic.



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Ponygirls Part IV

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By: Midnite

Ponygirls Part 4 is the fourth in a series set in a country mansion set up as a training center for young women to become pony girls


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