The Interview
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Redrobot3D proudly presents

“The Interview”

“Giselle thinks she’s America’s next top model, but she’s in a world of surprise when she finds out that that dream job she wants isn’t hers just yet.
Arriving for what she thinks is her follow up meeting, she finds Miss Tress waiting for her in a large empty room. Giselle is a little suspicious when the mysterious woman tells her that she’s going to have to do one more thing to land the position. Fearing that she will lose her job, Giselle strips down and does what the woman asks. When Miss Tress brings out “The Stud”, a massive oversized dildo, Giselle almost walks out. But knowing that her career is on the line, she finally agrees to take it on.
Giselle finds herself hopeless against the endless onslaught of ‘The Stud”. She feels herself getting hornier and wetter with each massive thrust it pushes into her tight pussy. Once Miss Tress brings out more toys, she finds her day is only beginning.
Will Giselle be able to withstand the ferocious pussy pounding that “the Stud” gives her during the race? Or will her hopes for the future get left behind at the starting line? Find out in “The Interview”!

“The Interview” is the next awesome 3DX title by bestselling comic artist Redrobot3D and his collaborator Barbie Lez. If you’re into beautiful women taking on massive sized sex toys then this comic is for you!

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The Interview

SKU: 58400
By: Redrobot3D

Giselle learns that she's going to have to do a whole lot more if she wants to get her dream job!


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