Introduction To Lovelace Dorm
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b9Tooner presents : Introduction to Lovelace Dorm - An ErosU story

Josie, Cassie, Dani and Giselle meet new friends Kimmy, Tia and Ambie
in their Dorm Lounge for an inaugural meeting.
The dorm Mistress Professora introduces herself,
instructs the girls about the Dorm's nudity policy,
and Pledges the girls to Pleasure.
She then instructs the girls on Sensual Touch.

Keywords: talk, nudity, massage, very mild girl-girl action

Number of Pages: 157, plus 2 title images
Quality: HD
Programs Required: a PDF Reader, such as Adobe Acrobat



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Introduction To Lovelace Dorm

SKU: 58376
By: b9Tooner

The ErosU girls are introduced to Lovelace Dorm and some new friends. Professora then commits the girls to the ErosU Pledge.


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