Monsters Huntress


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On the edge of the city, the ruins of the old castle, there was a
strange creature. People of the town were very afraid of the creature that
was called werewolf. One of the elders of the city decided to hire a
werewolf hunter - archer Arista. Elder invited her to the city
hall, spoke about the upcoming mission and paid in gold in advance.
This is not her first run in with a werewolf, the forthcoming
meeting did not frighten her. She received the gold at once went to
the ruins of an old castle. Arista up the steps and looked around,
there was nobody around. Hunter hid behind one of the stones and
waited. Soon came that same being, which everybody feared. It
stood with his back to her, it really was a werewolf. Arista took
aim with a bow and fired, but missed. From the next arrow werewolf
dodged. He approached her too fast! The creature was huge! There was
a ferocious snarl, is already near the hunter! Amanita closed her
face with hands, in front of her face, a huge face with fangs. Claws
tore off her protective mask. The werewolf stopped growling, pulled
the hunter to him and began to tear off her clothes. He lifted the
girl to him and rested his muzzle into her pussy. Werewolf greedily
inhaled her scent. He turned her back and began to caress her pussy with his clawed fingers.
Just do not! The hunter tried to escape, but the
creature pawed firmly. The werewolf pulled out his fingers. Arista felt
his hot cock enters her pussy. She did not resist. Werewolf move
faster, his legs held her. Arista experienced a shock! It is simply impossible!
Werewolf stood up and raised the girl, still on his huge cock. He fucked her
sitting, then he turned back, and putting her on the snow. Arista
seemed like it would never end, that his wet member will fuck her
forever. Several hours later, the werewolf pulled his penis out of
her and finished on Arista face. The werewolf stepped away from her.
Arista stood up and began to run. She never would hunt a werewolf again.



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Monsters Huntress

SKU: 58365
By: HyperComics

Arista did not resist when she felt his hard cock enter her pussy, While the werewolf moves faster Arista experiences a shock like never before. How will she be able to control herself?


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