Episode 004
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It's time for Halloween in Threeid City.
A Pirate Crew of Undead Skeletons is roaming around in search of some treasure.
What will happen when they encounter the sexy female cast?
This issue features:
- Sexy Costumes
- 1-on-1
- Threesomes (MMF - Male-Male-Female)
- Oral Sex - Fellatio
- Tit fucking
- Vaginal Sex
- Double Penetration
KINDLY NOTE: The Price (GU) in the cover of my comics is not the actual price of my product.
So please, NEVER be confused because of that.
I just want to make my cover(s) look like that of actual comics, that's why i'm using that format or style.
(GU) stands for Gold Unit which is a form of currency being used in the fantasy world of my comics, or what i call the GCX 3D World.
So you really can't pay me with that, well unless you want to pay using real gold, LOL (just kidding)!
WARNING: This particular comic was made for Adult Audiences, so please be responsible in using/keeping it.

Number of Images: 62 (with dialogues)
Image Quality: High Quality
Image Size: 1600 x 1000 pixels
Image/Comic Format: CBR
System Requirements: 1) WinZIP or other unzipping utility (for the whole package)
                     2) The FREE CDisplayEX 1.10 or later for Windows Operating Systems or other CBR reader
                     Here’s where you can download the FREE CDisplayEX
                     NOTE: I’m not sure about other Operating Systems, but they say that CBR is a universal format, so just look for a CBR reader which is compatible with your OS
Installation: Simply unzip the folder to your directory of choice.
              To view the comics, open the CBR file included in the package using your CBR reader.



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It's Halloween Time on Threeid City...


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