Red Devil Trap


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On the edge of the forest was a small village, for which there was
An endless forest. In the depths of the forest was a huge stone arch -
"Arbor of Desires", and was a legend. Olivia never believed in fairy
tales. None of that talk about red demon, or about the "Arbor of
desire". In a small village they said that the asking of the performance
of their desires, sitting on a huge stone pedestal in the center of
"Arbor desires" and all must be fulfilled. But this place is guarded
by a very ancient creature that is called red demon. Make a wish
and only one will win him. Olivia did not believe in the Red
Demon and wished she had a lot! She decided to go there as soon as
it gets dark, so nobody saw it and could not stop. After dark, Olivia
left the village and made her way through the forest. "Arbor desire"
to be seen from afar. The lights burned and all around was very
light. Olivia walked into the pavilion and sat down on a stone
pedestal. Suddenly, from somewhere above came a noise like a flap.
The girl looked up and could not believe her eyes! On the roof of
the arbor there was a sitting creature that she had never seen before. Olivia
tried to run, but the red demon was very fast. He grabbed her and
then she saw his huge erect cock. Olivia realized what the creature
wants to do with her. Red demon grabbed her head and forcefully
pushed his huge dick in her mouth, she could barely breathe. The
creature continued to fuck her in the mouth. Then the demon took
off her clothes and turned her back. He fucked Olivia in the ass
and in the pussy. Demon turned the girl in one direction or the other
and continued fucking her with strength. She almost did not resist, and
the creature being was very strong. As soon as the red demon had
finished, there was a sound of wings. Olivia, gulping sticky
liquid, thought she would never come here to make a wish.



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Red Devil Trap

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By: HyperComics

You can not fool the demon


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