Haru Clothing Set 1
CL-Haru-1-0-MoreMAT-SailorSuit_img_main.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-MoreMAT-SailorSuit_img_smp1.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-MoreMAT-SailorSuit_img_smp2.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-MoreMAT-SailorSuit_img_smp3.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-MoreMAT-SailorSuit_img_smp4.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-MoreMAT-SailorSuit_img_smp5.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-MoreMAT-TwinkleStars_img_smp1.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-SailorSuit_img_main.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-SailorSuit_img_smp1.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-SailorSuit_img_smp2.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-SailorSuit_img_smp3.jpg CL-Haru-1-0-TwinkleStars-Thumbnail.jpg RJ089388_img_main.jpg RJ089388_img_smp1.jpg RJ089388_img_smp2.jpg RJ090440_img_main.jpg RJ090440_img_smp1.jpg RJ090440_img_smp2.jpg RJ090833_img_main.jpg RJ090833_img_smp1.jpg RJ090833_img_smp2.jpg RJ090833_img_smp3.jpg RJ091134_img_main.jpg RJ091134_img_smp1.jpg RJ091134_img_smp2.jpg RJ091134_img_smp3.jpg


Sportswear for Haru Ver 1.0
Haru models a sporty selection of tops and bottoms etc.

More MAT for Sportswear
Costume/clothes expansion for 3D model set Sportswear for Haru Ver 1.0.

Cute Boyish for Haru Ver 1.0
Haru in tomboyish jumpers, jeans, caps, etc.

More MAT for Cute Boyish
Costume/clothes color swatches for 3D model set Cute Boyish for Haru Ver 1.0.

October 2017
This bundle was made with the latest version of Poser Pro 11.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 11+

Figure Compatibility

Other FiguresOther
Other Notes

Required Products

Haru Base Bundle

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Haru Clothing Set 1

SKU: 58027
By: Chocolate

Haru models a sporty selection of tops and bottoms etc. and Haru in tomboyish jumpers, jeans, caps, etc.


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