Super Heroine Heat - Issues 37 - 40
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Super Heroine Heat: The Mambo's Curse
Chapters 37 - 40
Sarabella's girlfriend has been missing for some time.  Her mind is too distracted to be an effective crime fighter.  But when she crosses paths with a voodoo priestess, she is granted a way to reunite with her missing lover.... but it comes at a price.  Follow along as the heroine with the big bald head succumbs to Mama Shamika and her voodoo dildo's spell.
This collection includes the 4 chapters of the Mambo's Curse story and includes mind control, femdom, toys, superheroines, corruption, magic/voodoo, and lots of big breasts!
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Super Heroine Heat - Issues 37 - 40

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By: wikkidlester

The most powerful superheroine in the city falls under the spell of the voodoo dildo and is forced to do the bidding of the powerful enchantress, Mama Shamika.


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