Captain Maia: The Genie
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Redrobot3D Proudly Presents

“The Adventures of Captain Maia: The Genie”

Captain Maia, the world renowned pirate queen, stumbles across what she believes to be her next big score. Following clues she discovers a gold lamp hidden inside a long lost catacomb. Thinking that she’s hit pay day, Maia retreats back to her cabin to learn more about her new prize.
Finding nothing out of the ordinary about the lamp, she rubs one side of it, releasing a long slumbering Genie! This Genie however isn’t one to grant wishes as she mesmerizes Maia with her captivating beauty. Maia is unable to resist the commands her the Genie as she is ordered to give the Genie its first blow job in hundreds of years!
Maia soon finds herself wanting nothing more than to be the sexual plaything of this all power entity. Will she be able to resist the Genie? Or will she be forever trapped in its world of lust and sex? Find out in “The Adventures of Captain Maia: The Genie”!
“The Adventures of Captain Maia: The Genie” is the next amazing adventure featuring the pirate queen Captain Maia. Featuring graphic and hot Futanari sex, this title is one that you will instantly want to add to your library of amazing 3DX content. With art by Redrobot3d, story by Barbie Lez, and characters based on the original work of Teri Minx.

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Captain Maia: The Genie

SKU: 57770
By: Redrobot3D

Captain Maia encounters a well hung futa genie in her latest sexy adventure!


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