Dungeon Breakout


This image series tells the visual story of Private Laasya, who is taken by the enemy after a hard-fought battle. Stripped of her weapons and armor, the loyal soldier is left to rot in the dungeons. But her fates change when a local barbarian is brought in to share her cell. Seizing an opening, the barbarian frees Private Laasya in a daring fight for freedom. As they fight guards and elements alike, they'll find themselves in a hidden cave amongst the wilderness. But is it true respite, or the perfect place to explore their darkest passions?

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Dungeon Breakout

SKU: 57718
By: Dr-X

Private Laasya is taken by the enemy! Stripped of her gear and left to rot in the dungeons. But, when a barbarian is brought to share her cell, he seizes an opening. They’ll fight to the surface of a hidden cave. But is it true respite, or the perfect place to explore their darkest passions?


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