Slayer: Apocalypse 02
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Eve and Rachel attempt to infiltrate the Inquisition Library to retrieve a book that may help them to stop the Apocalypse.  They discover the library is now a demon stronghold and the only way in is to disguise themselves as demon whores.

Apocalypse is a standalone sequel to my classic series 'The Slayer', you don't need to read it to understand this series, but it will allow you to find out how the 'Angel of the Apocalypse' came into being and the events that led up to Apocalypse.  The series is a little dated now, so is available in the store for a super discount price via this link: Slayer Omnibus 01-10

Episode One of Slayer Apocalypse is available for FREE from THIS LINK


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SKU: 57693
By: Great_Gonzo

Eve and Rachel try and infiltrate the Inquisition Library that now had become a Demonic stronghold, to retrieve a book that might help them stop the Apocalypse.


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