Futanari Weight Loss Program (The Visual Novel)
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Adriel and Muriel rarely get together anymore, but when Muriel suggested to Adriel that they get together for a girls night out she had to jump at the chance to have a little fun with her longtime friend. The night started with dinner and drinks but, Muriel suggested they go out and get some poon. Adriel knew just the place to look. What would happen next would change them forever. Surprises are in store for everyone involved.
This image set contains 92 images rendered in Full HD 1080 Iray in visual novel format compressed in a zip file, just extract to a folder of your choice and run the executable, no other requirements needed.


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Futanari Weight Loss Program

Futanari Weight Loss Program (The Visual Novel)

SKU: 57575
By: Nun Ya

When Muriel and Adriel get together for a night on the town that ends in a high-rise private gym things seem to be innocent enough, that is until they see another heavenly body of another sort and things get downright devilish.


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