Bimbo Training Session Two
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Bimbo Faith just finished her first training session and she’s going to have another one...more intense, with more toys and...a little surprise!
Mistress Janine will involve her slave and maid Denise into an extreme multi-orgasmic experience!

The package includes:

- Image set: 81 Full-HD High Quality Images

- Comic set: 81 Full-HD High Quality Images with dialogues

- Bonus set: 48 High Quality Images

- Different Camera angles


- Lesbians
Orgasm Denial
Strapless Dildo
Sex Toys
Dripping Pussy

System Requirements:

- WinZIP or other unzipping utility
- Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader



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SKU: 57295
By: Miki3dx

Bimbo Faith just finished her first training session...


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